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WP6 - Knowledge management

Published on 1 March 2019

​The Knowledge Management WP aims at

• Capturing knowledge produced by the other WPs within a knowledge base including all scientific products (data, models, tools and interpretation).
• Providing open access to them through a knowledge displayer with two interfaces, one for the scientific community with a direct access to the science products, the second for the general public with educational resources based on the science products.
• Providing links to other tools and databases, specifically those within the Virtual Observatory environment and ESA archives.
• Comprehensive access to European-led space missions related to exoplanet science, such as XMM-Newton, CoRoT, Herschel, Gaia, or Cheops, and others with a significant level of European participation such as HST and JWST.

The originality of this WP is that we use a unique knowledge server for disseminating the science products to experts and general public, enabling them to be part of the citizen science movement.