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Published on 27 February 2019

​The overall structure of the work plan comprises 6 Work Packages (WP).

WP 1 deals with the management of the project and is of course linked to all the other WPs.

WP 2 deals with data reduction of exoplanet data. Novel data reduction methods based on causal pixel model will be developed and a homogeneous set of atmospheric exoplanet spectra will be produce from HST, SPITZER data archives, as well as from JWST observations of exoplanet atmospheres to be conducted in the framework of the JWST Early Release Science program. It is strongly linked with WP 3: inputs from WP 2. It is also linked to WP 6 for dissemination of results and tools.

WP 3 deals with retrieval of exoplanet parameters from exoplanet data. ‘Classical’ retrieval approaches will be improved by making them able to simultaneously deal with transmission and emission observations and the improved method will be used to extract systematically information on the exoplanet atmospheres. This WP is also strongly linked to WP5 as the retrieval technics use simplified models which have to be validated by more sophisticated models developed in WP 5. It is also linked to WP 6 for dissemination of results and tools.

WP 4 deals with the host star. A coherent and uniform database/catalogue of the properties of the host stars of the sample of exoplanets, and specifically those properties relating to the stellar activity which will influence the environment (‘space weather’) of the exoplanetary system, will be produce and which are important in modelling and understanding the structure and evolution of the exoplanet’s atmosphere. It is strongly linked to WP5 as modelling is needed to assess star – planet interaction. It is also linked to WP 6 for dissemination of results and tools.

WP 5 deals with the modelling activity. The link between 3D models and simplified models for retrieval will be developed. The star interaction models (tidal forces, magnetic field) will be used to estimate the importance of star – planet interactions for each system considered. The tidal heating will be introduced in the models of exoplanets atmosphere. As mentioned above it is strongly linked with WP3 and WP4. The WP is also linked to WP 6 for dissemination of results, tools and models.

WP 6 deals with knowledge dissemination and communication and is linked to all the others WPs, as each WP will produce either data or tools or models or scientific publications which will be made public as open science.